Monday, February 23, 2009

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gale Virtual Reference Library is many many articles.
I did a basic search for Africa, and within Africa I searched for Rwanda, and chose genocide in Rwanda. I like that there are illustrations included with the text (although genocide pictures were disturbing).

I searched for U.S. Presidents. In experimenting with the keywords....when I left out the periods after U and S, I got one hit. When I left out the period after the S, I got no hits. When including both periods, I got a list of 72 books. Another time, entering keywords in exactly the same way, I got a list of 69 books (where did the 3 books go?). I thought it was interesting to see what results I would get by entering the keywords in a variety of ways.....guess I'm crazy like that. :)

I first searched Horizon for VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever, and then went to Gale Virtual Reference Library, where I typed in the VideoHound's title. When I got no results, I clicked on the topic "Art", and found VideoHound's listed alphabetically. The Table of Contents gives a complete picture of this e-book, and I found the Website Guide to be a valuable tool, as well. Still, I prefer VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever in paper format...but then, that's just me. I love browsing through a book, where I feel that all the movies are literally at my fingertips. I enjoyed reading the rating scale "bones". It's a user friendly and fun rating system. What a treasure is this complete guide, in either format!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blogging About OCL Reference Sources

On the Ocean County Library website, Biography Resource Center is an interesting database. It contains 450,000 bios on more than 380,000 people from 1,000 volumes from 135 Gale sources, such as Contemporary Authors & Encyclopedia of World Biography. I typed "Merckle" into the search line, and clicked on his name in the entry, for personal information. The "Listee" can update their bio on I also searched "Mother Teresa" and found 9 bios, 2 brief bios, 15 news/magazine articles, also an image that can be enlarged.

The African-American History Online database offers interesting biographies. I clicked on Biographies, then Browse Bios, where I could choose highlighted entries or browse by topic, occupation, or time period. I chose Civil Rights Activists and found a list of 28, A-Z. Clicking on Martin Luther King Jr., I found a bio and related bios, events & topics, docs, vids, an image gallery of 19 images relating to Dr. King, 4 entries under map & charts gallery, and quotations.

Learning Express Library is a favorite of mine. It is an interactive, online learning database, with practice tests and tutorial course series, for both students and adult learners. Simply click on a category and take a practice test in areas such as: advanced placement, college entrance exams, math skills, writing improvement, TOEFL prep, US Citizenship, and much more.

Powered by, this database worked effectively in finding a will form for a library customer. It is called Legal Forms by Thomas Gale. Click proceed, find a list of forms a-z and well as the main categories a-z to click on. I clicked on Wills, and found a Last Will and Testament Form for a Married Person with No Children, over the phone. The customer tried it at home, and actually called me back to tell me it worked!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Challenge #2 Laptop Presentation


I have given a presentation with laptop and digital projector. The presentation included perusing the Ocean County Library website, specifically the African-American Online Facts on File, and NetLibrary. It was easy, and no longer a mystery.

Listen New Jersey Challenge #1

From Listen NJ, I downloaded (with help) the book "Your Life Begins Now" by Dr. Wayne W Dyer. I then uploaded it to the MP3 player. As I had been unfamiliar with MP3 players, I have learned much by doing this exercise.